Vemar helps Sparkle to become even brighter!

Spitha (the Greek word for sparkle) is not just another sailing group. It’s an outstanding example of a will for life that knows no borders. An example for all of us, for a simple reason; all its members are visually impaired.

Charalampos Tokatlidis is the head of Spitha. A man with extraordinary determination and power, and a sailor for 20 years, regardless of his total loss of sight. An avid sportsman since his childhood, Spitha represents for Mr. Tokatlidis a lifelong dream. He started sailing with a small boat, a hybrid ibexes 27, and in 2015 he got a 32-feet sailboat. With a crew that included visually impaired individuals, Spitha has participated in a series of races -one of them was the 2017 Aegean regatta.

For Mr. Tokatlidis, Spitha is the ideal way to introduce anyone with visual impairment to sailing while helping them become more familiar with the sea. For him, every race and event is an opportunity to raise awareness in general. It’s an initiative that attracted Vemar Yacht Coatings’ interest. After all, Spitha is a special, unique chapter in the modern maritime history of Greece. A chapter which Vemar felt the obligation to be part of, as it shares the same passion for transcendence.    

Thus, the company undertook the complete restoration, repair, and protection of Spitha, with its specialized products and the know-how of its people, as it is considered the leading brand in boat painting products. For Vemar, it is a token of appreciation to a team that should inspire us all. And everyone’s wish is, Charalambos Tokatlidis and the renewed Spitha to continue to give the brightest example… Godspeed!

Part of the restoration process is available at