When a well-established, export oriented, of a high quality and consistency standards, leading company in its own field, decide to set sail for a new demanding market, the journey is definitely going to be exciting and successful.   

Vemar Yacht Coatings is HB Body’s yacht segment. Addressing a highly demanding market such as pleasure yachts, Vemar, armed with its know-how, technology, and innovation, was formally launched, in a ceremony held at its premises. 

The optimism, high potential and faith in the new segment’s success were visible everywhere: in the mood of those present, the smiles of those in charge, the speeches that accompanied the presentation. Mr. V. Vassiliadis, CEO of HB BODY, mentioned in his speech, “The core of our corporate philosophy, which is outward-looking approach and innovation, is now being applied onto new grounds, by applying our know-how gathered for almost four decades to meet the needs of an ever-expanding market.” . 

Vemar is able to set sail and fulfil the brand’s vision with the best prospects, relying on its valuable assets: Fully automated and organized facilities (20,000 sq.m. of production infrastructure, 15,000 sq.m. of warehouses, 2,500 sq.m. of the Research & Development department, as well as an educational centre of 700 sq.m.). Skilful staff, with 50 scientists and a total of 250 employees. Stability and consistency in quality and quantity of production, reaching 270 tons per day. And of course, HB Body’s existing synergies and activities in 75 countries on all 5 continents. Mr. S. Pavlakis, Commercial Director of Vemar, emphasized in his speech, “We are ready to accept the challenges of the market, with our sight set on the world stage we are ready to offer effective and innovative solutions through an ever-increasing range of specialized products for the professional and the DIY market”. 

Beyond the horizon, a sea of ​​opportunities opens up, which Vemar Yacht Coatings is called upon to explore, claim and utilise with reliability – a value reflected in its core message: The partner you can trust.  

So welcome onboard!