VEMAR's History

VEMAR is the yacht coatings segment of HB BODY born to provide the demanding yacht coatings market with products of exceptional quality and performance while offering technical services by experts. HB BODY was founded in 1982 in a small basement at Thessaloníki, Greece, with the vision of our founder Mr. E. Vasileiadis to introduce a full range of automotive cost-efficient refinishing products to cover the special needs of the body shop professionals for the Greek market.

Global Presence

Today, after almost 40 years, HB BODY holds a major global market share, as 90% of its production is exported to 75 countries, spread over the five continents. At VEMAR we are rapidly expanding our global network from our headquarters in Greece, by utilizing the existing synergies and subsidiaries in UK, Spain, Bulgaria and Russia. Always by your side with the right solution, wherever you want us to be. We are VEMAR!

Our Mission

To provide trusted and efficient solutions to boat lovers and professionals in the painting industry by establishing a global network of experts and offering high quality and cost-effective products & services.



Continuous quality control

Since 2012 when HB BODY initiated the research and development for a series of products that can withstand the fiercely aggressive marine environment, scientists dedicated for this scope, have been testing products under laboratory and real life conditions, evaluating their performance.

The years of research have led to VEMAR’s range of yacht coatings and an ongoing process for continuous development and support for new solutions. Our R&D facilities are equipped with state of the art laboratory equipment such as weather acceleration, various quantitative and qualitative tests, in order to ensure that the strictest standards are met. Part of our R&D organization is our training center where numerous educational seminars are hosted every year.

2500 m2

700 m2

50 qualified

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Vertically integrated

When navigating at sea, proper preparation and accuracy are important, so it is for VEMAR. Our facilities and practices are designed to achieve accurate delivery times and high standards of quality.

20.000 m2

of fully automated production facilities, ensuring larger production capacities and guaranteed stable quality. Daily production capacity can reach up to 270 tons of finished products equal to 3 kg per second!

15.000 m2

total warehousing space at Athens and Thessaloniki, comprising amongst others, of an end product logistics warehouse, controlled by an integrated warehouse management system and a semi-finished products fully automated logistics warehouse.


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Over 250 employees

At VEMAR we believe that our employees is our most valuable asset and the best ambassador of our culture. At VEMAR we are building an innovative leadership culture that enables our employees to leave their imprint on the products and services we offer, thus pushing their creativity and passion for their job.